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Design - We will combine site inspection, research and client interviews to create a landscape plan. The client will be provided a scale drawing illustrating the custom plan. Detailed drawings of specific elements in a plan will also be provided as needed. The design is a fundamental part of the process and it gives the client something tangible to view.

Installation - Ecotones can install a landscape of our design, or you bring the plan from an outside source and we construct it to those specifications. No residential project is beyond our abilities. We offer complete landscape installation including hardscape, soil work, plant material, irrigation, lighting and water features. We work with architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, developers as well as home owners.

Mitigation/Restoration - For land development requiring mitigation, Ecotones has a successful track record of completing projects including removal of non-native and invasive plant species, custom growing of site specific plant material and installation and monitoring. We can also manage and/or restore native habitat for wildland properties whether for a non-profit or private land owner.

Rain Catchment/Greywater Systems - Water is the lifeblood of any garden so Ecotones has developed methods for utilizing rainwater and greywater to irrigate plants. Catchment to storage and filtration, a custom system is not expensive to install and there are real savings to be had in terms of water bill reductions.

Estate Maintenance - Ecotones now offers residential maintenance for estate gardens. We can perform all property upkeep for full or part time residents.