About Ecotones Landscapes INC

Ecotones Landscapes, Inc (C-27: 767033) was started in 1999 by Greg Frugoli as a landscape design and build service. We serve all of San Luis Obispo county and occasionally beyond. Additional services offered are mitigation/restoration, rainwater catchment systems and estate maintenance. Our designs are as varied as the Central Coast itself. We have completed projects from seaside gardens to inland mountains, forested property to the urban jungle. No two projects are the same.

Ecotones Landscapes recognizes that ecological factors play a major role in directing the form and function of a California Garden. By definition an ecotone is the area of integration between two or more different natural plant communities. With this term as a model, Ecotones Landscapes works to reflect existing or once existing habitats in residential garden settings. The overall effect is an outdoor space for the client to enjoy which is specific to the site on which it is located. Every site has it's own set of micro-climates and challenges but we see opportunities where challenging conditions exist. Building drought tolerant landscapes is the foundation from which the company was created.

Some of the ways in which Ecotones Landscapes has contributed to the green building movement include extensive use of California native plants, construction of lawn substitutes, the use of rainwater/greywater, habitat restoration, use of organic fertilizers, practice Integrated Pest Management, use of locally available resources as well as recycled materials and most importantly for our clients, constructing a quality product that stands the test of time.

Greg Frugoli

Greg Frugoli is a California native, born and raised in Marin County. He moved to the Central Coast in 1992 to pursue an education in ecology with an emphasis in botany. While attending Cal Poly he began to work in the landscape trade, finding that he had a passion and talent for it. Soon after starting Ecotones Landscapes in 1999, he found his services were in demand for their quality and for his knowledge of the local climate and conditions.

Besides his professional life, Greg enjoys backpacking, baseball, and his two dogs, Grace, and Sumatra.